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A Few Words About Me

Hi y’all! I am Kristy, mom to 3 beautiful daughters, native Houstonian and lover of all thing’s computer, and Texas of course. After working in the legal field for close to a decade, the premature birth of my third daughter meant quitting my job and becoming a full-time mom and nurse. As her health improved and she became more independent, I made the move to start working part-time doing what I enjoy. I began working with a local small business doing graphics for postcards and printed materials for advertising. I feel in love with the idea of small business and finding ways to help them compete and succeed. I began looking at ways to expand their online presence…

because we all know the digital world is where it is at. That began my introduction into the amazing world of building websites and digital marketing. This was over 6 years ago, and I haven’t looked back. I use every opportunity to learn more from the world of CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP and every form of digital, content and email marketing.

I believe that all things are possible, it is just a matter of figuring it out; always challenging myself to create something new, functional and exciting. I look forward to working with you and walking alongside you in growing your online presence!

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